Cellar’s faces
Cellar’s faces

We have covered different routes but now that we have met we can start a new journey together. We want to follow all the production from yards to vinification, managing it with our principles and our ideas: the managing of the land and of the vineyards more and more careful to the natural principles of cultivation of vines, in harmony with the mountain habitat that surrounds us.

We aim to modernize yards, to use machineries and systems, not to replace but to help the hands of vinedressers in managing the vineyards.

The respect of grapes through the manual vintaging is exalted by an accurate work of selection.

We adopt process that can exalt the naturalness of the product and the craftsmanship of the cellarmen. Vinification in small masses and in small wooden tubs, natural techniques of vinification.



    I've decided to follow my dream, twisting time, rhythms and certitudes. My passion for Vines and Grapes. I want to realize it in Valtellina, in Tirano. Wine is life and it is beautiful to see its colour, feel its perfume and caress its taste. The vines governed in a balanced way, with respect for environment, the cellar at Torelli's Palace, an advanced production system to obtain wines more and more natural and loaded with tradition and innovation.



    After years of work, the vines and wines of this new and wonderful project have revitalized me. A dream that comes true, that I'm building with my hands, vines after vines, following my usual ideas with resolution. Our wine in made to transmit our big love for this land and to let everybody get excited as they are with us in this places, in our fields and cellars.



    When everything has begun, I was following the commercial and communicative part as I was used to do in the previous firms. But here everything is different, running after a maniple of tireless dreamers and indefatigable workers. And the outcome is an incredible wine, that tells you emotions and absolute pleasures. It's wonderful working like this, with our daughters cheering for us.



    I have clear ideas about what i want to do in the yards and in the cellar. This is my Cellar, in which I can be artisan of my work, feeling the land and seeing the grapes ripening complying with my expectation, vintaging it and vinifying it in wood, to obtain a wine more and more natural. I want to be respectful to vines, to land and its fruits. That is why I look after organic and biodynamic as our aim.



    I am in the fields every day of the year, with cold and hot weather , and I am happy. I look at our journey and at the work that we have made and at what we have to do. We are all involved in this project with enthusiasm and passion, and the first fruit are really important and good. To each his task and lets go on like this.