Volume   1500 ml bottle
Grapes   Nebbiolo 100%
Vineyard   Valtellina Superiore Vigna merizzi
Origin of soils   Sand and clay soils
Common   Tirano (SO)
Growing systme   Guyot 
Planting   2x1 5500 vines per hectare
Yield   65 q.li grapes/hectare
Vinification   Manual selection of the grapes, drying of grapes in crates for 4-5 months, destemmed, fermentation in small barrels, ageing in American oak barriques of first passage, no filtering product.
Before bottling ageing   24 months
Stabilization   Natural

Analytical characteristics


Alcohol   15.5 % vol
Contains sulfits    


Intense red color with orange reflections. Intense aroma of raisins mixed with notes of vanilla, chocolate and balsamic notes. Warm and intense taste of grape, spice with hints of balsam. Wine of exceptional complexity and of unexpected potential anging.


Serving temperature   14-16 °C




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